Restaurant Menu

Smoke BBQ has something for everyone and is sure to please even the most sophisticated palate. We take great pride in our locally-sourced and house-made (whenever possible) delicacies and fixings, from our brisket beef to our house smoked tomatoes used to make our secret and revered tomato ketchup to complement to our hand cut french fries.

Everything looks delicious and your having a hard time making up your mind right? You can’t go wrong with our Hannah Raskin critically acclaimed Wings, already “yelped” to be the best in the world. No matter what you select we guarantee it will be delicious and you will be delighted and become one of the many who lay in bed some nights dreaming about our food!

Famous Smoke Wings:
Crispy Confit Chicken Wings, House Sauces, Pickles 1/2 $8 / Dozen $14

Homemade Pimento Cheese:
Rye Toast, House Pickles, BBQ Spice $7

Smoked Carnitas Tacos:
Choice of Slow Smoked Port or Tender Smoked Chicken Confit, All Natural Brisket (+$2) 1 for $5 / 2 for $9

Loaded Smoked Hash Fries:
Hand Cut Fries, Brisket Hash, Chedda Ale, Garlic Aioli, Pickled Jalapeño, BBQ Spices $8

Smoke Salad:
Variation of Fresh, Local and Seasonal Ingredients $7*
*Add Slow Smoked Pork $7 / Tender Smoked Chicken Confit $7 / All Natural “True Texas” Brisket $8.5

Meat Platters
* include choice of two sides

Slow Smoked Pork $18
Tender Smoked Chicken Confit $18
House Smoked Pastrami Brisket $20
The Tommy B. Monster Meat Sampler: A combination of all house smoked meats $25 / Add 3 Famous Smoke Wings $3
Smokey Q Sandwich: Traditional Southern BBQ Sandwich Served with House Pickles
Slow Smoked Pork $8.5 / Tender Smoked Chicken Confit $8 / All Natural “True Texas” Brisket $9.5

Add Slaw $.50 / Add House Pimento Cheese or Chedda Ale $.50

(Buns by Brown’s Court Bakery)

Smokey Chicken Salad Sandwich:
Smokey Chicken Confit, Pickled Green Tomato, Shaved Green Apple, Arugula, Candied Pecan, House Pickled Cucumber $9

The Sloppy Smoke: Slow Smoked Pork, Brisket Hash, Pimento Cheese, House Pickles, Slaw $9

Smokey Chick: Smokey Chicken Confit, Homemade Bacon, Blue Cheese, House Pickled Jalapeño $9

The Cuban: Slow Smoked Pork, Home Style Ham, House Pickles, Swiss, Mojo Aioli $9

Beef & Chedda: All Natural “True Texas” Brisket, House Pickled Jalapeño, Chedda Ale $10.5

The Pastrami Rueben: 16 Hour Pastrami, Homemade Sauerkraut, House Russian Dressing, Swiss, Marbled Rye $10.5

Double Patty Smoke Burger: 28 Day Dry Aged All Natural Beef, House Bacon, Homemade Pimento Cheese $11

All $4

Famous Hash & Grits: All Natural Brisket Hash, Local Geechie Boy Grits, Chedda Ale
Brown Butter Mac & Cheese: Rotini Pasta, Chedda Ale, Herbed Bread Crumb
Hand Cut French Fries: House Smoked Tomato Ketchup, BBQ Spice *Loaded +$2
Smoked Style Slaw: Red Cabbage, Green Apple, Carrot, Candied Pecan
Smoke Truck Baked Beans: Pintos, House Pickled Jalapeño, Molasses
Red Skin Potato Salad: Homestyle, Herbed Buttermilk Dressing

 * Includes House Pickles & All Sauces

Smokey Chicken Confit 1/2 $8 / Full $13
Slow Smoked Pork 1/2 $8 / Full $13
House Cured Hickory Smoked Bacon 1/2 $10 / Full $18
House Smoked Pastrami Brisket 1/2 $10 / Full $17.95
All Natural “True Texas” Brisket 1/2 $10 / Full $17.95

*Includes Choice of Hand Cut Fries or Mac&Cheese

Hot Dog, Grilled Cheese, Chicken Fingers, All Natural Hamburger +.50 for Cheese